MET reopened the fortified church of Alma Vii

Alma Vii – The Centre for Interpreting Traditional Culture is the brand new identity of the medieval fortified church in Alma Vii village and has been recently inaugurated by Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation (MET). The event to celebrate the opening of the fortification in this new formula followed after one year and a half of restoration works focused on the fortified wall. The whole project was designed and implemented by MET and its partner NIKU (Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research).

Photo Scan 3D-recording at Alma Vii, Romania, july 2015

As part of the archeological documentation carried out at the at Alma Vii, in July 2015, the method of photo scan was used to record some of the remains in three respective excavation trenches both within and outside the ring wall surrounding the church. The aim was to record in 3D the remains of walls, and skeletons\inhumation graves in an excavation context.

Alma Vii on your computer screen

Those who have not yet been to Alma Vii may watch to get an idea of what this place is like and of the stories it has to tell.

Archaeological findings at Alma Vii

The Project “Centre for interpretation of traditional culture Alma Vii – Restoration and functional conversion of the fortification” started in Alma Vii in March includes a very interesting component of medieval archaeology. During the excavations ruins were found which are evidence of the various construction phases of the church, as well as the older foundation of the southern part of the wall, and remains of human skeletons dating from various periods.

Transylvanian Brunch in Alma Vii

Another important event organized at Alma Vii was the Transylvanian Brunch held on 25th July. This event offered locals the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in preparing traditional food, to sell handmade objects, or jams, or other homemade products following the old recipes handed down for generations, and at the same time to discover the chances provided by cultural tourism.

Romanian-Norwegian joint report of archaeological research

Find below the joint report of the archaeological research conducted during the project entitled Centre for Interpretation of Traditional Culture Alma Vii by the Institute of Archaeology “Vasile Parvan” and NIKU – Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research.